Client Scenarios

Joe and Marie, Getting Ready to Retire

Joe, 64, has been with his current employer for over 15 years, and would like to retire within the next five years. His wife Marie, 63, has worked at a local hospital for almost 30 years. Joe has retirement plans that he has left behind at his previous employers, and he has a 401(k) plan where he is now. Marie has a 403(b) plan and a pension from the hospital. They would like to retire in five years.

乔和玛丽看着股市在2008年和2009年的大幅下跌,他们担心这种情况在未来会再次发生. 他们希望有一个适当的策略,为他们的退休创造一个可预测的收入流. 他们还认为,整合他们的各种账户和退休计划可能是一个聪明的主意.

At our first meeting with Joe and Marie, we learned about their backgrounds; their children and grandchildren, what it was like growing up, and that both their parents lived into their late 80’s and 90’s.

At our second meeting, 新黄金城主页建议采用多样化的投资计划,并附带类似养老金的有保证的收入福利. During the next five years until retirement, 客户将能够知道他们未来的收入将是多少——基于可预测的收入积累——以及退休时的收入, be able to guarantee income for both spouses for life. They liked that strategy. 新黄金城主页做了所有必要的表格,将旧的退休计划合并为个人退休账户,为乔和玛丽提供可预测的收入积累收益和未来的收入.

Tim and Maureen, Already Retired with Unpredictable Income

Tim and his wife Maureen are both in their late 60’s and already retired. They have substantial cash in the bank, but it is earning very low, taxable interest. Tim and Maureen feel they can do better with the money they have, but the income that comes from the money has to be predictable. 他们希望用这些额外收入的一部分去旅行——无论是独自旅行还是带着子女和孙辈.

Tim and Maureen wanted to structure things so that each spouse would get their own income. They had been told for many years that they would be paying very low taxes at this point. In reality, they are paying very high taxes, as they no longer have retirement contribution and mortgage interest deductions. Thankfully, they are both healthy and have very few medical expenses to deduct.

新黄金城主页建议并实施了一项延税投资策略,该策略附带了未来有保证的收入收益,并将收入支付给配偶双方. Because of its special tax treatment, more than 50% of the future income - which is guaranteed - will also be tax-free income, as they already have pension and social security income and very little, to no itemized deductions. They will be able to make additional deposits into the plan.

Tim and Maureen like knowing that they will now have predictable income. 他们喜欢做得比银行好得多,他们喜欢这样一个事实,即他们押注于长寿,为每个配偶提供终身收入.

Felicia, Doctor, Seeking to Maximize Future Tax-Free Retirement Income

Felicia, 59, a physician, 高收入的专业人士是否想要制定额外的计划,以在退休期间提供未来的收入流. We learned about Felicia’s background, practice, and her description of an ideal retirement. She wanted as much future tax-free income as possible, expecting her taxes to be higher than they are now.

新黄金城主页很清楚,她不适合传统的合格退休计划, with its associated withdrawal restrictions and taxable payouts.

We suggested an individually controlled, 完全可移动的计划,其中的做法是100%的可扣除的贡献,导致略多于50%的应税收入收费给个人. This plan also provides for tax-free accumulation and tax-free distribution to the individual.

Felicia didn’t know such an option was available to her, and was very pleased when we explained this to her. Felicia implemented the plan and is now well on her way to a comfortable retirement.

Local Company Seeking Deductible Key-Person Enhanced Retirement Benefit Program

Many corporations and closely-held businesses today face multiple challenges, obstacles and restrictions when developing enhanced benefit programs.



After obtaining an overall picture of their existing retirement benefit, we presented a strategy that would, 根据现行税法,允许公司向特定的个人发放奖金,并获得100%的业务扣除.

For the individual, they would be granted an additional benefit that would allow for tax-deferred accumulation, access to plan values before age 59-1/2 with no penalty, and future tax-free income at a retirement age, based on design.

The plan allowed for installation provided some basic requirements are met. 当地的企业非常高兴听到这个想法,并在他们的注册会计师的监督下实施了这个计划.


Medical Practices Facing Changes

Knowing there is an enormous amount of change occurring in the medical community nationwide, even local medical practices are attempting to stay ahead of the curve of change.

We were recently introduced to two local medical practices:


七名合作医生想知道他们是否可以设置一个额外的补充计划,允许他们在达到最低任期后退休和离职. The existing traditional retirement plans, because of various age differences, did not allow for maximization of future retirement values.

After being introduced by the certified public accountant, 新黄金城主页能够实施一项战略,允许一个额外的计划,为每个医生合伙人提供大量的免税贡献,每个合伙人的贡献金额为六位数.


Across town, another medical practice was recently purchased by a local health system.

As part of the transition, 医疗实践的现有工作人员和医生需要就他们现有的退休和私人实践的福利作出决定,因为他们的新福利将由卫生系统提供和提供. We were introduced to this medical practice by one of our existing medical practice clients.


作为一家独立的公司,新黄金城主页可以灵活地满足从办公室接待员到高级医生的所有需求和愿望. 他们也很高兴新黄金城主页能够提供金融教育和帮助,帮助他们选择卫生系统提供的新福利,该系统现在将成为他们的雇主.


本页的案例研究是各种方法的假设性例子,这些方法可以帮助客户满足他们的保险规划需求. 本通信中描述的结果对于所提出的假设情况是唯一的,不应被解释为未来结果的保证.